Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s Favorite Dating Spot

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young‘s favorite dating spot has been revealed. 

On December 28 SBS “NightlyTV Celebrity” covered a story on the confidently public couple Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young. Reporters visited the actual place where the two frequent together. 

This particular spot is in Kang Nam, a popular spot for celebrities to go on dates. It is especially common to see one or two couples down in the Chung Dam Dong alley at a cafe. 

Across the street from the the cafe that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young were spotted in, is a restaurant that Park Si Yeon and her husband were seen having a meal, proving the frequency in which celebrities are seen. 

The employee of the cafe that was interviewed showed reporters the actual room that the couple used, and told viewers that other celebrity couples also frequent their cafe. The employee of course in the interest of business and loyal customers did not reveal who, leaving viewers curious as to who these couples are. 

Not going to lie, but I’m kind of jealous and happy for the couple at the same time. This is not the first time they have been caught in the act, but they don’t seem to be bothered by the attention at all.