Kim Bum Charms "Padam Padam" Viewers

Kim Bum is receiving a lot of love for his portrayal of a guardian angel in “Padam Padam.” The young actor, who rose to fame after playing one of the Korean F4 in “Boys Over Flowers” is earning attention and praise for endowing a supernatural character with endearing humanity.

In “Padam Padam,” Kim Bum plays Lee Kook Soo, the guardian angel of Yang Kang Chil (Jung Woo Sung), who has had a hard life after being unjustly imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. As Kang Chil’s guardian angel, Kook Soo is charged with the responsibility to keep him in line towards the fulfillment of his fate.

Kim Bum as Kook Soo cries, but at times appears cute and wacky, with a four-dimensional character. This showcases Kim Bum’s natural charms and his acting ability.

“I fell in love with Kook Soo’s unique character and it is because of Kim Bum’s stand-out natural acting,” “Kook Soo is an indispensable presence to ‘Padam Padam,’ making it fun to watch,” “I’ve discovered a new side to Kim Bum” are among the comments from the drama’s viewers.

Along with Kim Bum and Jung Woo Sung, “Padam Padam” stars Han Ji Min as the love interest of Kang Chil, the veterinarian Jina.

“Padam Padam” airs on jTBC, Monday and Tuesday evenings.