Kim Bum and Kim Min Kyung Kiss

If you remember my recaps of “Padam Padam,” or havef been following the show, Kim Bum’s character “Gooksu” was quite the angel. Although he is a guardian angel he beat up the main character, got beat up by the main character, and would trick the main character at times as well. In many ways he was very different from your average haloed angel.

Now, it seems like his character has pushed it one step further. On the episode of “Padam Padam” that will be broadcast on January 3, Kim Bum has a kiss scene with Kim Min Kyung.

Kim Min Kyung’s character “Hyo Suk” has a crush on Jung Woo Sung’s character “Kangchil” and is jealous about his relationship with the main female lead “Jina.” She gets angry with Kim Bum’s character “Gooksu” who is giving her advice and suddenly the two end up kissing. Currently, the question of whether the two are a new love-line is garnering attention.