DBSK are Thoughtful Seniors Who Take Care of Their Juniors

Recent photos showing DBSK‘s senior aura has been spreading and garnering attention.

On an online community forum, a post titled, “Thoughtful DBSK” with pictures and video clips appeared. The photos and clips were scenes from the “SBS Gayo Daejun,” which aired on December 29. They were captures of the end of the show, where all the participants stood on stage to give their goodbyes.

In the video clips, you could see DBSK trying to bring their juniors, f(x), up to the front of the stage. They looked around many times to make sure they didn’t leave out any of their juniors. From this, many people felt the thoughtfulness and the charisma of DBSK’s senior aura.

Netizens who saw these clips commented, “I can feel the great seniority aura,” “I am jealous of f(x),” “Yunho and Changmin turning their heads to look for their juniors look like a dance move,” and more.

Meanwhile, DBSK will start their “DBSK Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~” on January 18 as they travel around many cities in Japan.