Will T-ara be Able to Perform their "Lovey Dovey" Comeback Stage with Eunjung’s Injury?

T-ara’s upcoming comeback stage is on high alert with Eunjung temporarily in crutches. The girls are scheduled to perform their comeback stage with “Lovey Dovey” tomorrow on Mnet’s “M! Countdown.”

On New Year’s Eve, Eunjug surprised viewers by matching pink slippers with her elegant black dress at the “2011 MBC Gayo Daejun.” The following day, it was announced that she tore her ankle ligaments when she twisted her ankle while walking down the stairs. Therefore, it’s been revealed that T-ara will not perform their planned choreography, and the remaining six members – minus Eunjung – are busy practicing a slightly altered choreography.  

However, it’s highly likely that Eunjung will be present at the show. A representative of Core Contents Media stated, “Eunjung is really determined to be on the comeback stage. She plans to be there with her half-cast. Currently, we’re finding ways to have her onstage without getting in the way of other members.”

Meanwhile, T-ara will showcase the popular “shuffle dance” for their “Lovey Dovey” comeback.