"The Vampire Diaries’" Kat Graham Names 2NE1 in an Interview with Dutch Magazine

The Vampire Diaries’” Katerina “Kat” Graham recently mentioned 2NE1 during an interview with Dutch magazine “STARS.” When asked which song she listened to prepare for a fabulous night out, she answered, “There’s a Korean group called 2NE1 that I really like. So most of the time, I listen to something by them.”

This isn’t the first time Kat has mentioned 2NE1. She and “The Vampire Diaries” co-star Nina Dobrev expressed their fondness for 2NE1 via Twitter last year as well.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 won their first U.S. award last year whenthey were crowned the “Best New Band” by MTV IGGY. Just last month, they headlined the “MTV IGGY’S Best New Band Concert” in Times Square where they performed their hits “Fire,” “Can’t Nobody,” “Lonely,” and “I Am the Best.” Many Korean netizens have expressed their pride in 2NE1’s increasing recognition abroad.  

2NE1’s international fan base just keeps getting bigger! You go girls!