2AM’s Jinwoon Turns into Rebellious Free Soul in “Dream High 2”

2AM’s Jinwoon got a complete makeover for his “Dream High 2” character, Jin Yoo Jin, turning into a rebellious free soul.

On January 6, “Dream High 2” released several still cuts of Jinwoon in the drama. They said, “Jung Jinwoon showed his charismatic personality, instead of his cute and pure image, perfectly turning into his role in the drama, Jin Yoo Jin.”

Jinwoon’s role in the drama has a chic and rebellious personality. With his baby-face and well-built body, Jinwoon is expected to become the next rising star in the drama industry.

In the photos released today, Jinwoon appears playing a guitar as his scene involves promoting himself as a personal guitar coach. The scene was shot on the streets of Hongdae, a young and hip area in Seoul, and people were reportedly impressed by his outstanding guitar skills.

The first episode of “Dream High 2” will air on January 30. How do you like Jinwoon over the original “Dream High” cast members?