Wonder Girls’ Sohee, “We Got Married’s” Kwon Risae, and “High Kick S3’s” Baek Jin Hee Are Triplets?!

Recently, Wonder Girls’ Sohee, “We Got Married’sKwon Risae, and “High Kick S3’sBaek Jin Hee have been a hot topic among Korean netizens for their striking resemblances to each other. All three are respected as hardworking, talented individuals in their respective fields.

Currently, Sohee is busy promoting “Be My Baby” with her fellow members, while Kwon Risae, who was “married” to David Oh in WGM, is getting vocal and dance trainings with the goal of debuting this year as part of the “Bae Yong Joon Girls.” Additionally, she may join SISTAR’s Hyorin, T-ara’s Ji Yeon, 2AM’s Jin Woon, and Kang Sora in the upcoming drama “Dream High S2.” Nothing has been confirmed since the rumors, but the drama’s producers have been purposely keeping the identities of most of its cast a secret. She could very well be one of those kept undercover. Lastly, Baek Jin Hee has made herself a household name with her role in MBC sitcom “High Kick S3.” 

Netizens who’ve noticed the similarities between the three stars commented, “They really do resemble each other,” “They kind of look alike, but have different appeals,” and “All three are beautiful.”