[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth Season 2" – Jan. 7 Episode

We now have animals in our family
They now have a family of animals at the idol house. However nothing in this world is free. They have to undertake some serious work to get their animals, causing the G8 members to fall into shock. What are the some of the immense work they have to undertake in the New Year?

The work they have to undertake involves helping the villagers and cows. The G8’s first mission of the New Year is to clean the cow barn of cow poo. They have to clean the mountain of cow poo before they can get their animal. It’s the first time that the G8 members have had to deal with cow poo, and the large quantity of it causes them to become flustered. However Kang Ji Young, who was picked as the “Great Worker” during the last episode, once again showed off her skills by being extremely talented at shovelling and showing incredible strength.

The ultimate working ladies
It always seemed like the prim and tidy G8 members would scream out “I can’t do this sort of thing!” When asked to do this kind of work.

However, that is far from the truth. The Invincible Ace Shovelling Team is born, always suffering from what we call the “Invincible Youth muscle pains” yet they are as good at shovelling as any soldier. Who are these goddesses of shovelling?

These bizarre and enthusiastic ultimate working ladies can do everything except the stuff that they can’t do. Their workaholic lifestyle story will be revealed on the show.

The 1st Quiz to determine who owns the animals

Meanwhile Hyoyeon was responsible for building a small housing for their new animals. Hyoyeon was extremely concerned at first since there was absolutely nothing to work with. One of the village people comes to assist her and Hyoyeon learns everything she needs from them. The other G8 members praised her for being “Unexpectedly a good worker,” which doesn’t really sound like a praise at first, but a praise is still a praise. We also find out that Hyoyeon is extremely susceptible to praises. Even though she hit her hand a few times with a hammer, once she was told that she was “Good at hammering nails.” She immediately continued to hammer nails and pretty much hammered in all the nails in the animal housing.

They have finally got their precious animals. However this animal is one that the G8 have never seen before. What is this animal? And make sure you pay close attention and listen carefully. They will have to engage in an Einstein level battle of minds to determine who gets to own these lovely animals. Who on “Invincible Youth Season 2” will be the first person to get an animal?