Super Junior’s Choi Si Won Gives Up his Seat for SNSD’s Taeyeon

Recently, several screen captures titled “Kim Min Jong’s Manners Humiliate Choi Si Won” were uploaded to several internet communities. The photos were taken from a broadcast of the press conference for the “Dramatic Live Athena Concert” last Thursday, January 5.

The cast of “Athena: Goddess of War,” as well as SNSD’s Taeyeon, SHINee, and Super Junior, attended the press conference. During the event, the drama’s leads – Soo Ae, Cha Seung Won, Choi Si Won, and Kim Min Jong – sat in front while the others stood behind them. Actor Kim Min Jong noticed Taeyeon standing and suddenly said, “Give your seat to Taeyeon” to Choi Si Won, puzzling them both. Embarrassed, Taeyeon refused; but Choi Si Won gave her his seat, and she carefully sat down.  

Netizens who came across the photos commented, “Choi Si Won’s embarrassed, and how nice of Kim Min Jong,” “Haha! Poor Si Won!!! What did he do wrong,” and “Even Soo Ae and Cha Seung Won are laughing.”