[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth 2" – Jan. 14 Episode

G8, their mothers have arrived!

After going through a difficult day, one of the first things that pop in your head is that you want to see your mother’s face. And so we have prepared some special guests to make a surprise appearance at the Idol house for the sake of the G8 members.

These special guests are indeed the G8 members’ mothers. They have been specially invited to cheer up the G8 members and each mother has brought some photos of their daughters when they were young, along with some stories about their childhood.

The G8 members shed a tear of sadness and joy as they reflect upon their mothers’ loving nature. Up until now we have never heard these kinds of truthful conversations between mother and daughter. One of these truthful conversations was between Sistar’s Bora and her mother. Lee Soo Geun asks Bora’s mother “What kind of daughter is she to you?” Bora’s mother replies that although Bora is their youngest daughter, she is technically the bread winner in the family. She continues by saying that she is always thankful of her and that she is a proud daughter. Bora had been listening throughout this and can’t help but shed a tear.

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Their variety show wit is a family trait 
Who does the G8 members look familiar to in their family? That question will now finally be answered. Also the mothers show off a sense of wit that is as good as the National Tool, Lee Soo Geun. Also Suzy joins a new girl group besides Miss A? Suzy and her mother form a 2 member group and shows off a sexy performance of “Bad Girl Good Girl,” shocking everyone else in the Idol house.

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Lay claim to the special indigenous goods!
It’s the moment that grabs everyone’s attention. They hold a quiz competition, with the award being some special indigenous goods from Daebu Island. Now is their chance to go back home with a happy mind and with heavy hands. The mothers engage in a fierce unrelenting battle to make sure they are the ones to get the correct answer and win this special prize.

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