[Preview] SBS "Good Sunday – Running Man" Jan. 15 Episode

▶ Yeosu Special Part 2, IU’s surprise appearance!◀

The Running Man members, along with Ji Jin Hee, Kim Sung Soo, Joo Sang Wook and Lee Chun Hee are fast asleep inside the house. Then suddenly the sound of IU singing reverberates in front of the house. The Running Man members and guests hurriedly head outside to see if it really is her.

She is the one that causes all the uncle fans go wild and IU is gifting the Running Man members with the world’s most joyful morning. IU’s live performance, which seems more like a concert, will be revealed on the show.

▶ The spectacular race, involving running around Yeosu ◀

The Running Man members have to go around to various restaurants in the city of Yeosu and perform a variety of missions. What kind of bizarre missions will they be forced to do? And now they have to travel to the final location in the Yeosu Special. They will have to play a game of pursuits on the island of Hahwa. It will be a spectacular race, one where you will not be able to take your eyes for even a sec.

Preview Video

Credit: pinkunoRunning @ YT