Kim Bum Holding a Baby from "Padam Padam"

The actor Kim Bum revealed a picture of him with the baby that plays the daughter of character “Hyo Sook” (Kim Min Kyung) on “Padam Padam.”

In the picture Kim Bum is shown spending time with the baby while taking a break from filming. He is looking at the baby with loving eyes. Kim Bum seems to know how to handle children well and he is giving off an uncle image through the picture.

The other interesting part of the picture is the fact that Kim Bum and the baby have similar sized heads.

In the most recent episode of “Padam Padam” Gooksu (Kim Bum’s character) was cheering up Hyo Sook who was angry that the father of her child was remarrying. The episode once again foreshadows Kang Chil’s death as Gooksu bled while he was washing his face.