IU…The Stalker?

IU recently revealed why she went to Jung Jae Hyung’s house.

On the January 17 episode of KBS JoyLee So Ra’s Second Propose,” IU thanked musicians Jung Jae Hyung, Yoon Sang, Kim Kwang Jin, Kim Hyung Suk, Yoon Jong Shin, Lee Juk, and Kim Hyun Chul for taking part in making her second album.

When MC Lee So Ra asked, “Who’s song did you like the best?” IU immediately chose Jung Jae Hyung’s song. She said, “In order to receive a song from Jung Jae Hyung, I had to chase after him to his house. I begged and begged and he finally gave me a song.”  Hearing this, the male audience members started to murmur amongst themselves in protest.

Lee So Ra, too, was very surprised. She informed her audience, “Jung Jae Hyung might seem friendly to a lot of people, but he is not the type to give out his songs to just anyone.”

Netizens were also astounded. Not by the fact that Jung Jae Hyung gave his song to IU, but from her dedication to getting the best songs for her album. They praised her with comments like, “IU’s passion for music is evident,” “I really like the song Jung Jae Hyung gave IU,” “She [IU] knows what she wants and really goes for it.”

On this episode of “Lee So Ra’s Second Propose,” IU sang Lee So Ra’s “Tears.” Lee So Ra is the singer IU looks up to most.

If anyone has seen past interviews and variety shows Jung Jae Hyung took part of, you would know he is very proud of his songs. (After all, his nickname is “Music God.”) So it makes sense that he is very protective of them. But who knows, maybe Jung Jae Hyung did not mind Korea’s Nation Little Sister IU’s innocent “stalking.” 

Jung Jae Hyung also made a cameo appearance on IU’s “Good Day” music video.