"The Moon that Embraces the Sun" Han Ga In Focus

Previews for the next “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” episode showed actress Han Ga In finally gracing the screen as she transforms into a beautiful and mysterious shaman.

The fifth episode of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” left off with Yeon Woo being [Spoilers!] cursed and falling ill while being cast out from the palace and hence, separated with Hwon. Episode six, which airs on January 19, will mark the end of child actress Kim Yoo Jung (who played Yeon Woo), who received a lot of love from viewers. In the drama, five years will have passed and an older Yeon Woo, who changed her name to Wol, will be seen, marking Han Ga In’s first appearance.

Viewership ratings for “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” is already pretty high due to it’s innovative concept of mystic shamanism fusing with the historic roots of Korea. However, people are filled with even more anticipation due to Han Ga In’s appearance. Fans are excited to see Han Ga In’s goddess-like beauty along with her smart image to well portray Yeon Woo’s thoughtfulness and Wol’s beautiful and mysterious image.

Sources from Han Ga In’s management say, “We’re worried for Han Ga In, who has to film in this cold weather as she wears the thin hanboks, but we’re positive that the hot love from fans are giving her a lot of strength. Han Ga In is determined to work hard until the last moment of this drama filming so please continue to give her your love and encouragement.”

Starting with episode six, the adult actors will now start to appear along with Han Ga In, including Kim Soo Hyun (as Hwon), Jung Il Woo (as Yang Myung Goon) and Sung Jae Rim.