Continuing Errors in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” Irritate Viewers

While “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” dominates the small screen every Wednesday and Thursday nights with a stellar cast and gripping storyline, the drama still has several flaws it needs to fix. While fans were able to laugh off some of the amusing anachronisms and mistakes from previous episodes, many finally expressed their annoyance at the continuing mistakes by the crew. In the third episode, the filming crew was caught on screen and ZE:A’s Im Si Wan was caught with his padded jacket. On the fifth episode, a random woman in modern-day clothes was captured in the frame

One particular scene in last night’s episode was full of obvious flaws. In the scene, King Lee Hwon, Queen Bo Kyung, the Dowager Queen, and Grandmother Dowager Queen are in the midst of a strained conversation in the grandmother’s suite. Aside from the actors and their costumes, everything that could have gone wrong did. The mistakes within the scene from the two frames were so noticeable that finding the differences between them were easier than solving a “Spot the Difference” game.

Meanwhile, the adult cast (Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, Jung Il Woo, and others) made their highly anticipated debut in last night’s episode, boosting up the ratings to 29.3% (AGB Nielsen).