[Preview] SBS "Good Sunday – Running Man" Jan. 22 Episode

“History of a Salaryman”’s Lee Bum Soo and Hong Soo Hyun have arrived

Lee Bum Soo and Hong Soo Hyun have been invited as our special guests this week for the “Rule over the Country Race.”

Chu Country Team Vs Han Country Team. The two teams engage in an extremely funny 1 vs 1 battle. There is an obstacle they need to overcome to become the ruler of the country. There is the quiz match, a battle of strength and even a battle of who looks more beautiful. It’s impossible to predict the victor of this extremely funny and extremely closely matched 1 vs 1 battle. How will this battle end?

▶ Who will win the “Rule over the country race” and become the supreme ruler of the country?
The Running Man arrives at their final location. Using the flags that they’ve won during their “Rule over the country race,” they have to stick their flags in the land and claim the land for their own team. The Chu Country Team and Han Country Team engage in a fierce competition to rule over the lands. Which team will end up claiming the lands for themselves?

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