Shinhwa Company Launches Official Twitter Account

The official twitter of Shinhwa Company has been activated today. The official Shinhwa Company twitter is @ShinhwaCompany, with capital S and C. A source also commented, “Shinhwa Company’s twitter has been tested on January 17, but today is the official opening of the account.”

Shinhwa Company is an agency founded by six Shinhwa members Eric, Kim Dong Wan, Shin Hye Sung, Lee Min Woo, Jun Jin, and Andy. Each member’s individual businesses are still to be handled by each of their separate agencies, but any business regarding Shinhwa as a group will be managed through Shinhwa Company. 

Shinhwa added, “Fans will be able to hear directly from members of Shinhwa regarding future plans and news of the group via this twitter account.” With the activation of a new official twitter account, Shinhwa will soon start promoting and sharing news regarding their long-anticipated comeback, which is scheduled to be in March. 

Shinhwa is to hold a comeback concert on March 24. March 24 is the date Shinhwa had its first debut performance in 1998, so this concert will also serve as the 14th anniversary concert. Shinhwa is the longest-running idol group in Korean pop culture history. They never replaced their original six members since their debut. Every Shinhwa member except Min Woo has completed their military service. Min Woo’s service will end in early March. The rest of the members are busy recording the new album.

Check out Shinhwa’s debut performance below!