Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea Turns Vegetarian

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea revealed that she has been a vegetarian for two weeks.

On January 26, Jea confidently tweeted, “The reality is that I’m a vegetarian that can’t eat pizza at all.”

When Lee Hyori read about Jea becoming a vegetarian, she replied , “Vegetarian?!” to which Jea answered, “In the past, I couldn’t live without meat. But it made me real grumpy so I decided to quit. *clears throat* It’s been 2 weeks since.”

Lee Hyori who was surprised by the news commented, “Wow, really? Well done. Since I became vegetarian, I heard a lot of good things too. Fighting~~ If there are things you’re curious about, call me.”

Netizens who came across their conversation and who were amazed by their choices said, “From animal lovers to becoming vegetarians, it’s awesome,” and “Beautiful girls become vegetarians.”

What do you think of Jea’s choice?