[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth 2" – Jan. 28 Episode

Lim Ha Ryong has arrived

A special guest has come to visit the G8 in celebration of the January full moon lantern festival. He is the god father of the comedy world, its comedian Lim Ha Ryong. Forever known as the young guy, the G8 learns how to dance the Diamond Step from Lim Ha Ryong.

They even re-enact the classical skit that caused households around the country to burst into laughter. The classical skit from years gone past, “The book bag from the past.” Watch as the G8 members acclimatize themselves to the world of comedy in hilarious fashion.

The birth of the 60’s Sunny

Sunny’s age has suddenly become a mystery. She’s actually not born in 1989 but in the 1960’s? She knows everything from traditional customs to catchphrases from a bygone era.  She is more suited to the older “Comedy Headquarters” show rather than the more recent “Gag Concert.” So how old is she? This is something that must be revealed. She how well Sunny bridges the generational gap on the show.


Make Lim Ha Ryong laugh 

They have been given a special mission! Their mission is to make Lim Ha Ryong laugh. The G8 members will do anything to make Lim Ha Ryong laugh? Starting with Suzy’s parody of Kang Hye Jung from “Welcome to Dongmakgol,” to a meeting between an old comedy character “Young Gu” and the dinosaur character from our youth, “Dooly.” What will this meeting of nostalgic characters be like?

The G8 members fully reveal their comedic abilities, finally being able to break away from the confines of their idol image. Have you ever seen SNSD’s Hyoyeon acting like a foreign exchange student or Sistar’s Bora in a bald head wig or Jewelry’s Yewon acting like an old cranky lady or Rainbow’s Woori dressed up as a dragon? What you will see on the show will be a shocking show that goes beyond even your wildest imaginations.

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