[Preview] SBS "Good Sunday – Running Man" Jan. 29 Episode

▶Finally revealed, the “Sherlock Holmes Special.”◀

The Running Man receives a mysterious invitation. Following the invitation, they head to a massive cruise ship in the port city of Busan. They enjoy a bit of brunch to pass the time but Ji Suk Jin’s award trophy has disappeared? Detective Yoon Do Hyun and Detective Kim Jae Dong arrive to find out who the culprit is. Who do the 2 detectives think the culprit is?

▶It exceeds your wildest imaginations, the detective race begins in earnest.◀

The Running Men members and the guests dress up in Sherlock Holmes style garbs and transform into detectives. They receive a request from the captain of the ship to find the blue sapphire necklace that has disappeared. They have to find the hints scattered around the cruise ship and then use those hints to find where the blue sapphire necklace has been hidden. Their detective work now begins in earnest. However there is another twist in this tale, one which will attack the detectives from the shadows. What is this twist that causes the Running Men members and the guest to fall into shock? How will this story of detective work end?