Park Bom’s Doll-like Figure Wows Fans

Recently, a couple photos of 2NE1’s Park Bom shopping have been revealed on an online community board. In the photos titled, “Thought it was a mannequin but it’s Park Bom,” the vocalist from 2NE1 is seen shopping in leopard-patterned shorts and a black tank top. Her bleached hair and light skin accentuates her doll-like figure, leaving a strong impression to many fans that have followed her for mostly for her strong vocal skills.

The person who uploaded the photos wrote, “It looks like they were taken directly by a fan. Her light skin and red hair almost make you think she’s a mannequin. She’s just wearing a tank top and hot pants, yet her bodyline is crazy. This just reaffirms the bodyline and facial features complete your fashion style.”

Netizens commented, “Oh, I first thought it was a mannequin,” “So beautiful. This is a non-photoshopped picture,” “She looks like a Barbie doll.”

In fact, the outfit she’s wearing is the same as the ones she was seen wearing last December in a similar shopping photo. The photo released back then showed Park Bom shopping for sexy lingerie, which created equally heated response from fans.