"Dream High 2" Episode 3 Preview

Check out the preview for the third episode below!


Shin Hye Sung: Have you seen the movie “Dances with the Wolves?”

JB: Why?

Shin Hye Sung: The bad guys take over a peaceful village, kick the natives out from their homes, steal their lands, and…

JB: So?

Shin Hye Sung: It’s the same situation as the one we have here in our dorms

CEO Lee Kang Chul: So, what your saying is… You guys are the natives…and I’m the bad guy…If I give you guys a chance, are you guys confident that you will succeed?

Hyun Ji Soo: The coming month-end evaluation will be conducted like a showcase. So don’t get caught off-guard and practice hard

Jung Eui Bong: Who thinks they’ll succeed in the evaluation?

Student: I’ll bet ten meal tickets!

Shin Hye Sung: I’ll bet ten more!

Student: 50 tickets!

Nana: Can I join? I’ll bet on my voice

Jin Yoo Jin: Thank you

JB: Is that all the songs you have?

Jin Yoo Jin: They’re not songs I sing in front of just anybody [“anybody” pointed towards JB]. Go.

JB: Am I just anybody?

Crowd: It’s JB! JB! JB!

Jin Yoo Jin: You messed up by stage…are you playing with me?

JB: I wanted to show you that I wasn’t just an anybody

Jin Yoo Jin: Don’t even get me started…

Jin Yoo Jin: Hey! What are you guys doing?

JB: Don’t go. Don’t get yourself involved.

Jin Yoo Jin: Weren’t you on the same team?

 KBS’sDream High 2” recorded 9.8% (AGB Nielsen) ratings for its second episode, a 0.7% drop from the night before. MBC’sLight and Shadow” continued its Monday-Tuesday reign with 17.7%, while SBS’sSalary Chohangi” followed with 15.1%. KBS will air the third episode of “Dream High 2” next Monday, February 6, at 9:55PM KST.