CN Blue First Korean Artist on Japanese MTV Unplugged

CN Blue appeared on MTVUnplugged” which was the first as a Korean singer. They sang 12 songs for the filming of MTV “Unplugged” which was held on January 31 in Japan. There were 150 fans that were at the performance.

MTV Unplugged began in Japan since July 2011. The Japanese version still stays true to its roots by having singers perform in front of a live audience with an acoustic feel.

Although there were only 150 people allowed to view the performance, nearly 100 times that amount which was 15,000 fans tried to get seats by signing up.

During the “Unplugged” performance, CN Blue performed for the first time their new song “Where You Are.” This song was released on February 1 as a single.

CN Blue members stated, “When we heard that 15,000 fans had signed up to be a part of the audience we were shocked. We tried our best to show you a good performance. Thank you fans.”