Lee Jun Ki Japanese Fan Meeting on February 16

What is the first thing Lee Jun Ki is going to do after he is discharged from his military service? He is going to once again, move to the forefront of Hallyu!

Lee Jun Ki will be discharged from the military on February 16 and the first thing he is doing after two years of service is doing a Japanese fan meeting.

The reason Lee Jun Ki is having a foreign fan meeting as his first activity is to thank the fans that have begun following him throughout Japan, China, and Hong Kong. Also, Lee Jun Ki had recently signed a contract with the Japanese contents company IMX. (Interactive Media Mix) IMX is known to be very successful in their marketing strategy.

The fan meeting will open up on March 16 in Nagoya, then move on to Yokohama on February 18, and Osaka on February 19. The tickets for the event are all sold out!