Kim Tae Hee’s Beauty Radiates Even Behind the Scenes

Photos of actress Kim Tae Hee at a recent commercial shoot have been spreading like wildfire on the Net. 

February 1 on an online community forum, a thread titled “Kim Tae Hee Still Stunning Behind the Scene,” caught the attention of many netizens.

In the pictures Kim Tae Hee is obviously on the set of a commercial shoot in a studio. She is pictured receiving a touch up on her makeup, clothes, and also monitoring herself in the camera. 

These photos were candid and pictured a natural Kim Tae Hee without calculated poses or extra photoshop effects. She proves that she has stunning natural beauty without the help of special effects. 

Netizens have expressed their surprise at her beyond perfect image at any angle. Her superior profile, straight nose line, soft twinkling eyes, and naturally curled hair accentuate her flawless image. 

Netizens have responded “She really has a perfect face,” “There is no way this wasn’t edited,” “I can’t believe both of us are of the same human race,” “Kim Tae Hee doesn’t even seem to age.”