"Shut Up: Flower Boy Band" to Broadcast in 9 Different Countries

CJ E&M Corporation announced that tvN’sShut Up: Flower Boy Band” will be aired in nine different countries through CJ E&M’s overseas branch, “tvN Asia.” The nine countries where tvN Asia will be broadcasted are: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.   

tvN Asia announced, “We are aiming to air ‘Shut Up: Flower Boy Band’ in April. We are hoping that the good looking actors and their talent combined with the uniquely Korean style of the show and picture will attract much of the younger population in Asia.” 

“Shut Up: Flower Boy Band” is about a high school band named “Eye Candy” and its members’ journey in searching for the meanings of friendship, love, and passion for music. “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11pm KST on tvN.