"The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s" Kim Soo Hyun Needs Custom-Made Hat Because of His Small Face

It’s been revealed that Kim Soo Hyun’s costume in the hit drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” were all custom-made for him. Bong Hyun Sook, a manager at the MBC’s Art Center, revealed, “Kim Soo Hyun’s gonryongpo [robe worn by the King and Crown Prince of the Joseon Dynasty] was created by hand. Embroidering it alone took one month.” The costume took approximately $1,500 to make.

Additionally, it was revealed that because of Kim Soo Hyun’s small head, his Ikseongwan [hat] had to be custom-made. According to those on set, when Kim Soo Hyun tried on the Ikseongwan worn by other actors in other sageuks (historical dramas), the Ikseongwan covered his entire face.

The dramas producers stated, “Kim Soo Hyun has been famous for his small face since his debut. Even actresses who are considered to have small faces don’t want to stand next to him because their faces look comparatively bigger next to his.”

A representative of Kim Soo Hyun’s management agency expressed, “Many people have commented on his face since his debut. Some even say his face looks even smaller in person.” 

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun’s younger co-star Kim Yoo Jung named him as her ideal type on a recent episode of MBC’s “Section TV.”