Yeo Jin Goo in Tears For K-Will’s New MV

Screen captures of Yeo Jin Goo in tears have recently been floating around the net. On February 8, Starship Entertainment released a teaser of K-Will’s new title song, “I Need You” on its Youtube channel. “I Need You” will be featured in K-Will’s upcoming mini album.

Yeo Jin Goo acting out the sorrow of a boy losing his girlfriend. 

The teaser featured Yeo Jin Goo, who earned much love as the child version of Hwon in MBC’s “The Moon That Embraces The Sun.” He was highly praised in the scene where he acted out Crown Prince Hwon’s pain from losing his beloved Yeon Woo (played by Kim Yoo Jung.)

Likewise, in the music video, Yeo Jin Goo’s character is once again calling out his girlfriend’s name (Bora) while uncontrollable crying, earning much praise from the viewers once again for his amazing acting skills. The video cinema of the teaser rivals that of movies and since accompanied by K-Will’s soulful tone, it delights both the viewers’ eyes and ears.

Yeo Jin Goo (as Prince Hwon ) acted out losing his most beloved bride in “Moon That Embraces The Sun.” Compare it with his acting for K-Will’s music video, “I Need You.” Both scenes moved viewers hearts and were highly praised.

Netizens are fast to praise this harmonious collaboration with words like, “A music video created with superb acting, superb vocals,” “Yeo Jin Goo has amazing stage presence,” “My heart feels so sorrowful,” and “Interest for K-Will’s comeback is skyrocketing through the roof.” K-Will’s newest mini album is set to release on February 14 and he will start his promotion activities shortly after.

K-Will’s “I Need You” teaser!