Kim Bum Is a Graffiti Artist in "The Miracle"

Kim Bum, who has recently wrapped the cable drama “Padam Padam,” is set to play a graffiti artist suspected to be a criminal in the film “The Miracle.” Reports from local news agencies confirm the earlier buzz. Kim Kang Woo, likewise reported to have been in talks to play the other lead role, is confirmed as the detective chasing Kim Bum’s character.

“The Miracle” is a fantasy thriller in which Detective Yang Choon Dong is also a water purifier salesman on his off hours. Yang Choon Dong is also endowed with a super-sharp sense of intuition, figuring out that a missing children’s case goes deeper and has something to do with kidnapping and murder.

Kim Bum plays one of Yang Choon Dong’s suspects. The character is a mysterious youth who leaves graffiti. It is noted that the young actor has been playing a wide range of different characters, delivering more matured performances each time.

“The Miracle” is under the helm of director Kwon Ho Young of 2009’s “Parallel Life.” The movie is expected to begin shooting in March.