[Preview] SBS "Good Sunday – Running Man" Feb. 12 Episode


▶Gary knows everything◀

Gary took the win during the 2nd Running Man Best of the Best competition that aired last December. As a prize for his victory, Gary was given a coupon to travel around various countries in Europe, including Germany, France and Great Britain. He arrives back in South Korea and he is saying a few words with his Running Man members when a group of people mysteriously and suddenly start to pursue him, surprising both the members and Gary.

What is this sudden pursuit and attack all about?

▶ Obtain Gary’s Memories, the battle to claim Gary for themselves. ◀

The Running Man have been given a mission. They must find the password that is hidden within Gary’s European trip. The Running Man engage in a fiery battle of wit to acquire the decisive hints and to do so they must claim Gary for themselves. Who will be the one that is able to untangle Gary’s memories first and become the final winner?

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