BoA Praised by "K-Pop Star" PD and SM’s New Building Revealed

SBS “K-Pop Star‘s” PD, Park Sung Hoon, has expressed his appreciation to BoA, who is one of the judges for the audition program. 

On February 9 at a press conference at SBS PD Park stated, “All three of our judges are doing really well, but BoA especially is doing so much for us.” 

“In a big variety show like this, its rare to cast someone who’s never been to a preproduction meeting. BoA, who has a lot of overseas activities and a very busy schedule, has never been to one of these meetings. She was cast without much verification or interaction with the production team, but she was cast nonetheless because there was no better qualified person.” 

“Although almost everyone knows of BoA’s successful career and bright level of intelligence, it would be a lie to say we started off without any worries. But when we held on-site auditions in LA we were put at ease that the show was going to hit off in the right direction. The strong charm that BoA gave off was incredible. Her modest yet very feminine image is cool to see. I’m really thankful.” 

PD Park also added that, “Of course the other judges are also giving us 120% in effort. Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Suk‘s eye for spotting talent are remarkable.” 

In addition to this high praise for the judge representative for SM, SM’s new building was also revealed in the episode that aired on February 12 and has been gaining attention for its grandeur. 

During this episode the SM team was taken directly to the building. Even upon seeing the building on the outside the SM team members could not help but gawk. As they walked, a music video of BoA welcomed them in, and upstairs they found a practice room with a remarkable landscape view of the Han River right below them.  The Girls’ Generation also made a special appearance in this episode to cheer the contestants on.