SISTAR’s Bora Captured with Ji Chang Wook: Are They Dating?

Paparazzi shots of SISTAR‘s Bora and actor Ji Chang Wook together are drawing attention online. On February 12, a series of pictures of the two, titled “Bora-Ji Chang Wook, What’s their relationship? They look like a couple,” appeared on several online forums.  

In the revealed pictures, Bora and Ji Chang Wook are standing together by a crosswalk, chatting casually and smiling at each other. One could easily assume that they are dating. However, it turns out that they were not caught while being on a date, but these pictures of the two were captured near the filming site of K.Will‘s music video “I Need You” by passing fans.

Netizens commented, “I’m so against this couple. Bora, you’re breaking your uncle fan’s heart,” “They really look like a couple,” “They should just date,” and “K.Will’s new MV’s got Yeo Jin Goo AND Ji Chang Wook! I’m so excited!”