Lee Jun Ki‘s commercial activities during enlistment has been found out only three days prior to his discharge. He has conducted a single album recording on February 10, while he was on vacation. Previously, the CEO of Lee Jun Ki’s agency, Son Il Hyung, told the media that this song is for Lee Jun Ki’s upcoming paid Japanese fan meeting. 

A military official commented, “Even if he was on vacation, conducting any commercial activities during his enlistment can be troublesome both in terms of legal and moral standards. Especially because Lee Jun Ki is a member of Defense Media Agency, it is very irresponsible of him to disregard his role as a promoter and enlisted personal of Korean Department of Defense.” 

Moreover, Lee Jun Ki’s agency has published last month, “Tickets to Lee Jun Ki’s fan meeting celebrating his discharge from the military are all sold out.” Since each ticket costs 30,000 Won and sold to promote Lee Jun Ki, many consider this as a commercial activity during enlistment. Another official from the Ministry of National Defense commented, “Since the agency used Lee Jun Ki’s name to sell these tickets, we are going to have to investigate whether this is legal or not.”

Previously, Lee Jun Ki was also found guilty of delaying his enlistment three times by registering to take classes and tests that are not related to his career during last year’s parliamentary investigation.