New Teaser for EXO Featuring Tao

SM Entertainment released a new teaser for its newest boy band EXO. This teaser was the 15th released so far and features the member Tao. This is his second teaser. The video is set to rock music and is mostly black and white. Tao, dressed in black, spends his time beating up shadowy attackers, also dressed in black and showcasing his martial arts skills.

SM Entertainment has uploaded the video to their official YouTube page and also posted it to their facebook page, SM Town. SM is experimenting with debuting two groups at the same time in Korea (EXO-K) and China(EXO-M). Their name comes from EXOPLANET, which means that they are new stars coming from an unknown world. Each group member is being introduced through a series of teaser videos. “Metal” by EXO is written on the video, which hopefully means that this is just a clip of part of a new song. Are you guys ready for EXO? What type of expectations do you have for SM’s new group?