How Stars Are Spending Their Valentines Day

February 14, Valentine’s Day – you either can’t wait for this day or you dread it. Let’s see how some celebrities spent or celebrated this day!

No Chocolate, No Lover? That’s OK!

Don’t have chocolate to give or receive? Don’t have a special someone to be your valentine? These stars are saying, “That’s OK! As long as we can share this day with the public!”

Singer Seo In Gook posted on his Twitter, “Valentine Day~ Did you give chocolate to that special someone? When I was young, I didn’t receive any chocolate on Valentine’s Day so I just bought tons of chocolate myself and ate it all and ended up getting a stomachache… Anyone have similar experiences as myself?”

Singer/actress Lee Jin (ex-FIN.K.L. member) posted on her me2day, “It’s Valentine’s Day~ Did you eat chocolate? I had a big lunch and I’m drinking not one but two cups of coffee~ Have a good day!” along with a picture. She had chocolate-colored nails and was donned in a fashionable outfit as she sipped on her coffee.

Rookie girl group SPICA member Park Narae posted a picture of herself all dressed up and ready to go out with this slightly sad but playful message on her Twitter: “Starting off today with intense makeup~ Everyone, I hope you have a sad Valentine’s Day…. Just kidding ^^ But, don’t leave your house today…”

Kevin of U-KISS, who is currently in Japan, tweeted, “Happy Valentine’s Day KissMe~ I’m sad that I didn’t get to receive your chocolate gifts in Korea T_T Please give them to me through your heart ^^ I love you!”

Valentine’s Day With Fans

Top idol groups 2PM and 2NE1 held special events for their fans in light of Valentine’s Day. On February 10, 2PM revealed through their fan cafe that they will hold a Valentine’s Day event, shaking the hearts of many female fans. Fans would submit a message of no longer than 300 characters to their favorite member for a random drawing by the 2PM members. Six lucky fans would be chosen.

Meanwhile, 2NE1’s Minzy opened the event through her me2day on February 11 saying, “Hey everyone, it’s been a while ^^ 2NE1’s cutie Minzy is here to announce the Valentine’s project that will melt everyone’s ‘Lonely’ hearts! To those who say they are so ‘Lonely…’ or those who say, ‘I Eat the Best!’ please apply with a witty response! I will read each and every comment!” About 3000 fans left comments and Minzy announced the winners on February 13.

The boys of Infinite recently held a concert and Infinite’s member, Sung Kyu, posted a message on his Twitter a few days earlier saying, “It’s almost Valentine’s Day. This is my heart, please accept it – let’s have a chocolate-like love during the concert” along with a selca of himself, holding a basket of chocolate.

Showing Off Their Chocolate And Gifts

Here are some stars that couldn’t help but show off their chocolate and/or gifts that they received!

U-KISS member Dong Ho posted on his Twitter, “This is my first Valentine’s chocolate of the year. Thanks, I didn’t know I’d get chocolate from you haha.” This post left fans wondering about the mysterious chocolate-giver.

Chocolat member Melanie showed off a sweet Valentine’s Day gift from her parents. She posted on her Twitter, “A valentines day gift from my parents! So big!! Thank you for sending such a awesome gift! I miss you guys T_T Love-me” along with a picture of a huge stuffed teddy bear. How sweet!

Rainbow’s Woori posted a series of cute selcas of her holding a chocolate on her Twitter. She said, “I picked up a piece of chocolate to eat… but you say it looks like a huge pill when I hold it!!? -_-“

Girls Day member Minah also posted on her Twitter, “Accept my Valentine’s chocolate!” with two selcas of her, “giving” chocolate to her fans.

Other Valentine’s Happenings

Lee Hyori tweeted about a random sighting on the street saying, “This guy is shyly walking on the street, holding a bouquet of flowers… He’s so cute that I couldn’t help but smile.” We wonder if her boyfriend got her flowers!

miss A’s Suzy posted a selca of herself in what looks like a school uniform on her Twitter. She says, “For Valentine’s Day – sweeter than chocolate (?) Happy vtd~~~ sayaaa”

Happy Valentine’s Day from Soompi!

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