2AM’s Jinwoon Thanks “Dream High 2” Staff With Generous Gift

2AM’s Jinwoon, who is currently receiving a lot of love for his lead role in the KBS drama, “Dream High 2,” displayed his thanks to the drama staff with a generous gift.

Jinwoon gave 100 parkas, from the brand that 2AM is promoting, to the staff that are working hard to produce the drama in the cold winter weather.

Jinwoon stated, “There are a lot of outdoor scenes in this drama. I wanted to gift the hardworking staff that is spending nights filming in the cold. I hope I can be a little bit of help to them.”

It was also reported that fellow band mate Changmin visited the set of “Dream High 2” to show support for Jinwoon and Park Jin Young. (JYP)

We also reported earlier that Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun’s self-composed song for the “Dream High 2” soundtrack was revealed. Check out the song for yourself below!