Kim Bum Visits Thailand

Starting from February 9 to 13 Kim Bum had visited Thailand for promotions and also filming commercials. At Thailand Kim Bum was able to witness first hand his popularity in a foreign country and Hallyu.

Nearly 700 fans in Thailand went to go visit his event after hearing about Kim Bum’s arrival. On the popular TV program “Ban teng 5 na 1” Kim Bum was voted “#1 Hallyu Star You Want to Spend Valentine’s Day with.”

Kim Bum’s agency stated, “Through this round of promotions we were able to witness Kim Bum’s popularity as a Hallyu star. Kim Bum shook hands with each fan and showed off his well-mannered self. Fans in Thailand were moved by Kim Bum.”

Recently, Kim Bum had appeared in the JTBC drama “Padam Padam” as a guardian angel.