Yoon Jong Shin "My First Kiss Scene Was With Han Ye Seul"

Singer Songwriter Yoon Jong Shin made a surprising confession that his first kiss scene was with actress Han Ye Seul on SBS “Strong Heart.” In the most recent episode of “Strong Heart,” Yoon Jong Shin stated, “My first kiss scene was back in 2004, with Han Ye Seul.” 


When the audience started wondering what the circumstances were for this odd pairing, Yoon Jong Shin explained, “We were filming a scene where Han Ye Seul was having a ‘dirty dream.’ That ‘dirty dream’ was to kiss me.” He also added, “I had another kiss scene with Park Mi Sun on the sitcom, ‘Tae Hee Hye Gyo Ji Hyun,’ and she rejected the scene all together. It was the most unpleasant moment since my debut.” These unfortunate and humorous details of Yoon Jong Shin’s kiss scene experiences made the cast and audience burst into laughter.