Sung Shi Kyung Before First Filming of "1N2D" Season 2

It is reported that Sung Shi Kyung, who has been chosen as a new cast member for the new season of “1N2D,” is busy working out to make some muscles.

Sources from “1N2D” say, “After Sung Shi Kyung was confirmed as a new cast member, he is putting in a lot of strength into preparing. He is especially working out really hard because there might be situations where he has to take off his shirt or show his body.”

Besides Sung Shi Kyung, new cast-mates include Kim Seung Woo, Joo Won and Cha Tae Hyun. They will join alongside the old cast members, Lee Soo Geun, Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Jong Min. The first recording will take place on February 24 – 25. They will stick with the original format of “1N2D,” which means more of the “bok bul bok game,” outdoors sleeping and entering the ocean. The new cast-mates all took this into consideration and are busy with preparations.

Naturally, there may be situations where shirts may come off. And much of the show consists of strenuous physical activities. Therefore, Sung Shi Kyung, along with the rest of the new cast-mates are busy working out.  Meanwhile, Choi Jae Hyung PD says he is anticipating Sung Shi Kyung’s work on “1N2D” since he has past experience on the show during the “Viewer’s Tour” special.