Chaos’ Park Tae Yang Borrowed 1 Million Won from Actor Choi Min Soo?

Rookie male idol group Chaos’ leader Park Tae Yang told a story about his days during “Zero Member” with actor Choi Min Soo.

Park Tae Yang used to be on the show “Zero Member,” which aired from March 12, 2006 to July 23 of the same year. “Zero Member” was a show for troubled teens who are mentored and trained by a strict teacher, Choi Min Soo.

At that time, Park Tae Yang was very popular for his cold but handsome looks and even had a fan club created for him. In a recent interview with W Star News, he reminisced, “I was in my adolescent stage back then so I caused a lot of trouble but due to teacher Choi Min Soo, I think I got to go on the right path.”

Park Tae Yang revealed, “He is 50 times more strict as he seems on broadcast. We ate together a lot and I even received an invitation to his birthday party.” The birthday party had a A-list guest list including top actor, Lee Jung Jae but since Park Tae Yang was a minor and could not drink, he had to drink soda the whole night.

Park Tae Yang continued, “Since Choi Min Soo has such a free character, when it was just us guys, we would all hang out in just our underwear. He knows how to read other people’s hearts very well so I was able to open to him very easily. He even gave each of us 1 million won (about $1000 USD) for a bowl of noodles.”

Before Park Tae Yang entered the military, he kept in touch with Choi Min Soo but afterwards, they stopped. So Park Tae Yang expressed his apologetic heart, saying that he will go find Choi Min Soo as soon as possible.

Park Tae Yang is gaining a lot of popularity for being in the idol group Chaos, who released their debut track “She is Coming” this past January.