Extra Footage of SBS K-Pop Star Shows Agencies Working with Contestants

Michelle Lee was one of the up and coming stars of SBSK-Pop Star” however after this week’s episode it appears that she could be dropped from the show. Currently, a clip showing unseen footage was shown.

The clip shows BoA working with Michelle Lee. BoA is coaching Michelle Lee with much seriousness. Michelle Lee states “BoA directly helped me out,” and showed the paper that contained a checklist.

Another contestant Baek Ah Yeon was shown working with Big Bang’s Taeyang because she chose to perform the song “Haru Haru.” (Day by Day) Tae Yang and 2NE1’s Gong Minzy was teasing Baek Ah Yeon by getting up close and personal with her.

JYP’s training shows JYP working with Baek Ji Woong to help him hit the higher notes.

A lot of viewers were very interested with the training process for the three agencies. The production team explained why so little of it was showed, “We wanted to show the high quality performances by the contestants so that viewers would be satisfied. We had to reduce the training parts.”