T-ara’s Jiyeon Treats "Dream High 2" Staff to a Hot Meal

The gifts and treats that the “Dream High 2” staff are receiving continue. T-ara’s Jiyeon treated the drama’s staff to dinner, as revealed in reports from local news agencies. The harshness of the cold weather was kept at bay with Jiyeon’s catering for the staff.

Jiyeon is currently receiving love for her portrayal of Lian, a member of the fictional idol group HerSHE on the teen drama. “It’s been a happy experience so far, and we thank our fans for all the support,” she said. “We are all working hard to film the drama in this cold weather. It is good for actors and staff to get together and enjoy a hot meal in each other’s company.”

Like Jinwoon, who has given a generous gift to the “Dream High 2” staff, Jiyeon’s gesture is one of appreciation for all the hard work from the personnel behind the scenes. It is reported that the meal helped lighten the atmosphere of the difficult outdoor shooting.

Meanwhile, in “Dream High 2,” Jiyeon’s character Lian is beginning to form a love line with JB, as do Shin Hae Sung (Kang So Ra) and Jin Yu Jin (Jung Jinwoon), which delights the audience.