T-ara Representative: "No Japanese Greeting"

T-ara, who has been under some scrutiny for greeting reporters in Japanese during the KBS Music Bank in Paris, issued a statement to Osen News via telephone. Representatives for T-ara said, “The criticism surrounding T-ara’s greeting in Japanese is a misunderstanding. First of all, they did not say anything in Japanese. Eunjung was trying to say ‘Let’s meet again’ in French, ‘a bientot.’ However, So Yeon heard it as ‘arigato.’ ‘Arigato’ is a familar phrase in Japanese, so she said the more formal ‘arigato gozaimasu.’ The spokesperson continued by saying, “Again, they never started by greeting in Japanese. It’s unfortunate that So Yeon didn’t hear Eunjung correctly the first time.”

Hopefully this clears up any misunderstanding. However, it seems like because of the girls’ busy schedules, they are going to mix up words in foreign languages. Or they are not going to respond how others expect due to lack of sleep. It wasn’t too long ago when Girls’ Generation Tiffany accidentally sang the Japanese lyrics of “Gee” during a performance in Korea. Netizens should be more forgiving of their busy schedules. So, what do you guys think about T-ara’s explanation?