Girls’ Generation’s Sunny’s Small But Killer Body Garners Attention

A few days ago, we reported about how proportions should be taken into consideration rather than one’s height. Today, we bring another example to the table to illustrate this idea. Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny has caught the eye of netizens with her perfectly proportioned figure. A collection of pictures were recently shared on an online community under the title, “Even Though Sunny Has a Small Body, Her Figure is Perfectly Proportioned.”

Sunny’s height 1m58

In the shared pictures, Sunny’s small but superior figure and beauty shine as she is seen walking, performing and hosting a new music show earlier this week. Her proportioned body, her tiny silhouette, long and slender legs as well as her small face make one quickly forget about her height.

In one of the pictures, Sunny is caught performing on stage and showing off her perfect S line and voluptuous figure. What do you think? Is someone’s height a factor to take into account to say if one has the perfect body? Team Height or team proportions?

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