Why Did Kim Soo Hyun Use His Non-Dominant Hand in Past Drama?

Pictures of naturally left-handed actor Kim Soo Hyun using his right hand to eat in a drama have been making their way around the internet. The pictures are from the December 28, 2009 episode of the SBS drama “Father’s House.” The title with the pictures was, “How left-handed Kim Soo Hyun eats with his right hand.” In the first set of pictures, he struggles with picking up some food from a side-dish, and the food is given to him by another cast member.

In another set, he is trying to eat soup and is given some food by another person. It’s quite clear that he’s having a hard time using his non-dominant hand. The reason Kim Soo Hyun used his non-dominant right hand to eat was because the child actor of his role had previously appeared on the show using his right hand. It’s being reported that Kim Soo Hyun personally requested to use his right hand to perfect the scene and the drama’s overall quality.

Netizens who looked at the pictures commented, “It must be quite hard for him to use his right hand,” “He looks cute getting food from his elders,” and “I applaud him for his acting skills.”

Kim Soo Hyun is currently playing Lee Hwon in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”