[Preview] SBS "Good Sunday – Running Man" Feb. 19 Episode

The 3 Stage Mission with their prides at stake ◀

The Running Men have met up at Gimpo Airport. But then! A surprise guest arrives to greet them. She is this week’s special guest, actresses Lee Da Hae! The Running Men begin cheer and call out her name in joy. Which of the Running Men will end up on the same team as Lee Da Hae?

Afterwards, they travel hand in hand to Busan. When they arrive, the Running Men members are given an extremely hilarious 3 stage mission. It’s a mission with each team’s pride at stake. Who will be the victor of this explosive 3 stage mission?


▶The greatest ever “Spy Race” is finally here! ◀

A massive department store in Busan is their stage and it is here where they will begin their race in earnest. The greatest ever “Spy Game” in the history of Running Man. Even the Running Man members, who have become used to the concept of a spy through their various races, are shocked by this “Spy Race.” How will this “Spy Race” conclude?

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