New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 February Week 3

Miss A – Touch (Feb. 20)

01 Touch
02 Lips
03 Rock N Rule
04 No Mercy
05 Over U
06 Touch (Newport Mix)

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Miss A, who promoted both in Korea and China last year with their first full-length album, “A Class” makes a comeback this year. Fans will be able to see a more mature side of the girls shown through their charming vocals and charisma.


K.Will mini-album Vol. 3 – I Need You (released)

01 Calling You
02 I Need You
03 I Hate Myself
04 Nothing Left
05 I’m Will
06 I’ll Be With You
07 I Need You INST

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K.Will returns with his third mini-album, a year since his last release. This time around, the singer joined hands with Kim Do Hun, who has written hits after hits for Wheesung, Lee Seung Ki, CN Blue, Baek Ji Young, and so forth. There are a total of six new songs with the title track being, “I Need You”. It is a medium-tempo neo-ballad number with incorporates both a 30 member orchestra as well as synths.


John Park mini-album Vol. 1 – Knock (Feb. 22)

01 Falling
02 Why Is It Like This
03 This Is Not It
04 Good Day
05 That Song

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John Park, who placed second in Superstar K2 releases his first mini-album titled, “Knock”. The title track is “Falling” which was produced by the singer himself. It is a pop number composed by British composer, Andy Platts and penned by the singer. John Park hopes to sing songs outside of the mainstream.


M To M (single) – Because Of That Guy (released)

01 Because of That Guy
02 Because of That Guy INST

Skilled vocal group, M To M makes a comeback this year with a brand new single, “Because of That Guy”. It is of the British rock genre, which is different from the group’s usual music style. The song is about a man feeling rage and resentment towards his lover’s boyfriend. The group does a great job showcasing these feelings. A 24-member orchestra took part in this song.


Lee Jung (single) – D-business Joint Vol. 2: Private (released)

01 Private

Ballad and R&B solo artist, Lee Jung returns with a brand new single titled, “Private”. This time around, the singer shows off his sexy vocals. The song is part of the D-Business Joint project and the singer hopes to show yet another side of him through this. “Private” is of the slow jam genre in which the lyrics and slow tempo are key points.


Kim Bo Kyung (single) – Even If I Close My Eyes (released)

01 Even If I Close My Eyes

Kim Bo Kyung, who rings the hearts of many with her vocals, has returned with “Even If I Close My Eyes”. The singer has collaborated with composer, Lovecity once more for this sad ballad about not being able to accept a breakup. Kim Bo Kyung’s subtle ways of expressing her feelings and the Korean-style melody the song gives are expected to capture listeners’ interest.


Kim Greem (single) – To You (released)

01 To You (Original Version)
02 To You (Orchestra Version)

Kim Greem returns after ten months with a country rock ballad titled, “To You”. Her mature vocals flow well with the acoustic sounds. Top composer, Jo Young Soo and lyricist Kang Eun Kyung have written this song about missing an ex-lover.


EXID (single) – Holla (released)

01 I Do
02 Whoz That Girl

Rookie girl group, EXID, produced by Sinsadong Tiger, debuts this year with single, “Holla”. Their name stands for “Exceed in Dreaming” and consists of six members – leader Yuji, Dami, Hani, Haeryung, Junghwa, and LE. The title track is “Whoz That Girl”, a song that showcases each member’s respective skills.


Other Releases:
Kim Kwang Suk – Best (Feb. 20)
Choi Woo Jun – Saza’s Blues (Feb. 21)
Apollo 18 – Red/Blue/Violet Album (Feb. 21)
Soulights – Vol. 1 Seoulitude (Feb. 21)
Taru – Blah Blah (Feb. 21)
We – The Party: Mini-Album 1 (Feb. 21)
Brave Girls – Re-Issue: Mini-Album 2 (Feb. 22)
Pony – Little Apartment (Feb. 22)
Lee Chi Won – Diorama (Feb. 22)
Noisecat – Vol. 3 Sunday Sunset Airlines (Feb. 23)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo