1N2D’s Teary Conclusion

Five years have already passed by since the start of KBS Happy Sunday’s hit corner “1 Night 2 Days.” On February 19 the last episode aired with Um Tae Woong, Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won, Kim Jong Min, and Lee Seung Gi embarking on their last mission entitled Down Memory Lane. 

The episode started off with the members declaring that they would do their best as always and put their all into the last episode. Although they made a cheerful statement to start their episode off, a certain heavy hearted quality of the members could be felt. Throughout the episode there were flashbacks showing how the members first started off when the were first indoctrinated into the show.

The episode ended with a special surprise event for the members prepared by PD Na in an old style movie theatre. They sat watching clips of the past and how the show grew and developed. 

How Lee Soo Geun started off as the not funny comedian and through his efforts on the show became one of the funniest MC’s in Korea was shown. Clips of how Lee Seung Gi matured and developed through spending the first half of his twenties on the show was also shown. 

Um Tae Woong who joined the show later on was also shown in the clips. Although he started off for being known as Um Jung Hwa’s little brother, he soon became known as 1N2D’s Um Tae Woong. The clips showed his efforts and natural talent at making others laugh made the theatre erupt in laughter. 

It was joked that Kim Jong Min, who recently came back to the show after his service in the military, has only recently gotten back to getting the feel for variety late in the game. 

Images of Eun Ji Won’s idol image from his first episode of being on the show surprised even the members. Although he broke away from that image by being on the show he grew into a mature adult. He kept his spirit as the “elementary school kid” on the show. 

Of course Kang Ho Dong‘s name did not go unannounced. Subtitles with the words “and then Kang Ho Dong retired” appeared on the screen, adding more tears to the members’ already crying faces. 

After a countdown, fans in the audience sang the members a song as the five sat and listened with red eyes and speechless faces. Kim Jong Min was most emotional. 

PD Na also choked on his words and started to cry when he started to emcee the rest of the surprise event. 

This was only the first part of the two part conclusion. Be sure to catch next week’s fun yet teary episode!