Drunken Tiger Gets a Reply from Oprah on Twitter

Hip Hop singer Drunken Tiger who was mentioned by Oprah Winfrey herself on Twitter couldn’t contain his excitement as was later shown by his tweets.

On February 19, he tweeted, “I received a reply from Oprah Ajumeonni. Yahoo! I’m so going to be loved by Mirae now! Ya~hoo!”

Prior to getting a reply from Oprah, Drunken Tiger sent her the following tweet, “When can I meet you, my wifey @yoonmirae had me watch all your shows and had a grown man cry. God bless.”

Upon reading this, Oprah answered his tweet an hour later, “Nice wifey.”

Drunken Tiger even woke up his wife Yoon Mirae (Tasha) to let her know as he then added, “Just woke up Tasha and showed her tweet she loving me lol!”

The singer and musician who was touched by Oprah’s reply kept on spazzing about it on Twitter.